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A reputable and value education has long been proven to be the best tool got self empowerment and the most effective weapon against ignorance, poverty, hunger and disease. So therefore, the best legacy for our younger and future generation is sound education.
An enlightened and well educated community is always successful and progressive. Investment in the filed of education is never a lost, so, let join hands and educate our younger generations. Hence, the need for education endowment fund for community development.
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Donations from philanthropists and from NGO’s Charitable Organizations.

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Contributions from Trustees.

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Donations from Governments (Local/Sate/Federal) or Foreign.

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  • obtain and disseminate admission information to interested candidates.
  • Purchase and distribution of admission forms to Agaie Emirate indigenes.
  • Assist in seeking for admission into Universities and Tertiary Institution as well as in the Armed Forces and Police.
  • Bursary assistance to student of Post Secondary Institutions.
  • Any other financial assistance as may be required by the institutions.


  • Anti Malaria campaign.
  • Action Against HIV/AIDS.
  • Polio Eradication.
  • Prevention of water borne diseases.
  • Protection of Children Against Diseases.
  • Assistance and Control of Epidemics.
  • Health Education.


  • Provision of fertilizer and Agro-Chemicals to small scale farmers.
  • Promotion of Agricultural shows through inceptive
  • Market promotion of produce.
  • Encouragement of Irrigation projects.
  • Agric Education
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Water Resources

  • Provision of portable water
  • Drilling of Boreholes.
  • Provision of water purification Agents.
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The promotion of general welfare and empowerment of our people shall be the essence of the foundation


The main objectives of the Foundation are

  • To encourage good and qualitative education
  • To increase awareness on education opportunities
  • To render assistance to the less privileged
  • To promote community development projects
  • To improve living standards through service to humanity


  • To reduce illiteracy to the barest minimum by achieving 75 80% literacy level by the year 2020
  • To eradicate poverty and hunger by achieving 80-90% self sufficiency in food production by the yaer 2015
  • To reduce disease and achieve malaria free environment by the year 2015
  • To improve essential services such as water, power supply, communication etc where they exist
  • To provide essential services to communities where they are lacking