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Is a town between Bida and Lapai in Niger State, North Central - Nigeria.

Agaie Emirate

Is one of the Fulani Dynasty under Gwandu Emirate founded in 1820. AD


A person who duly request for sponsorship by NUHU LAFARMA FOUNDATION through application form.


A person whose request has been approved by the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustee

A committee of five or more that manage the foundation.

Common Seal

An authority for sealing all documents to be executed by the Trustees.


A person or organization who contribute to the FOUNDATION


A person who hails from Agaie Emirate by birth.

Grand Patron

His Royal Highness, Etsu Agaie

Mall Muhammadu Mall Babba

The founder of Agaie Emirate

Nuhu Lafarma

Refers to Alhaji Etsu Nuhu 11 (O.O.N), The late Lafarma Agaie.


Appointed honorary person of the Foundation.


An indigene who stands as Surety for an applicant.


1. Agaie is traditionally known for educational advancement, especially in area of Islamic Education for about two centuries. The learned Islamic Jahadist, Mallam Muhammadu Mallam Babba founded Agaie in early 19 Century. The efforts of Mallam Babba to propagate Islamic Religion through proper education of his followers earned Agaie the slogan of ’Agaie town of the learned’. However, the current trend of decline in the education standard of Agaie indigenes is as a result of neglect.

2. The ongoing educational backwardness and decay within generations of Agaie Emirate Youth needs immediate intervention. Hence, the need for education endowment fund for improvement of education to empower our people. As part of community development by concerned citizens especially in the area of education, an Education Foundation shall be established to address our future needs.

3. The education foundation is to support the less privileged and orphans within Agaie Emirate. The foundation shall be named after Alhaji Etsu Nuhu II (OON), Lafarma Agaie, a renowned educationalist who taught for 45 years in various primary schools.

4. The foundation shall start with the support of students of post secondary institutions. In due course, primary and secondary education shall be added. Thereafter, other aspects of life such as Health, Water Resources, Agriculture, Poverty alleviation shall be considered.


The main Aim and Objectives of establishing Nuhu Lafarma Education Foundation are


5. To encourage good and qualitative education through sponsorship.

6. To increase awareness on education opportunities by obtaining admission information and disseminating same to interested candidates.

7. To render assistance to the less privileged by giving Bursary allowance or support as prescribed therein;

a. Thirty Thousand (30,000.00) for students of colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Remedial etc. annually. Subject to periodic review by Board of Trustees.
b. Fifty Thousand Naira (N50, 000.00) for the students of Universities. Subject to periodic review by Board of Trustees.

8. To promote community development projects by providing or improving essential services such as Hospitals, Water Resources, Agriculture, etc.

9. To improve living standards through service to humanity, by Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment.

10. Coordination of activities of National and International Donors, Charitable Organizations and other NGOs

11. Management of Donations for the benefits of the less privileged.

12. Any other matter that may arise from time to time.



13. There shall exist a Board of Trustees to be appointed at a general meeting by two-third majority votes of members present at the meeting.

14. Such Trustees (there in after referred to as “The Trustees”) shall be at least 5 in number and shall be known as THE REGISTERED TRUTEES OF NUHU LAFARMA EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

15. The trustees may hold office for life but shall cease to hold office if he/she:-
a. Resigned his/her office.
b. Becomes insane.
c. Is officially declared bankrupt.
d. Is recommended for removal from office by a board of Trustees Majority vote of members present at any General Meeting of NUHU LAFARMA EDUCATION FOUNDATION

16. The foundation shall have a common seal, which shall always be in possession of the Chairman or Secretary.

17. Such common seal shall be produced when required for use by the Trustees.

18. All documents to be execute by the Trustees shall be signed and sealed with the common seal.

19. Auditor(s) shall be appointed at the general meeting to audit the account of the organization annually.


The Foundation shall be founded through:-

20. Contributions and voluntary donations from Trustee members.

21. Donations from individual philanthropists.

22. Donations from NGOs, Charitable Organizations and Community Development Agencies.

23. Donations from governments (Local/State/Federal) or Foreign .


24. Beneficiaries shall be indigenes of Agaie Emirate. The benefit shall be extended when the foundation gets stronger.

25. Beneficiaries shall secure admission into post secondary institution.

26. The beneficiaries shall have proof of coming from less privileged families or shall be without parent/guardians.

27. There shall be evidence of progress in the course of study annually for the continuity of benefit.

30. The students continues to be of good character throughout his study.

31. The support shall be discontinued immediately the beneficiary gets alternative means of sponsorship.


32. Potential candidates shall acquire and fill NUHU LAFARMA FOUNDATION forms through website or from foundation’s headquarters.

33. Completed forms shall be forwarded to foundation headquarters within on month.

34. The Board of Trustee shall meet quarterly to consider the candidates. At least 3 members of Trustees shall be present at the meeting.

35. The Board shall crosscheck candidates’ requirements such as:

  • a. Indigeneship.
  • b Family background.
  • c. Educational Qualification.
  • d. Admission Requirements.
  • e. Candidate’s Character.

36. Candidates shall present at least 3 referees of unquestionable character. The referees must be indigenes of Agaie Emirate.

37. Benefits from the foundation are privileges not rights and could be withdrawn at any time.

38. Members of the foundation have the right to recommend candidates (beneficiaries) to the board of Trustees.



39. This constitution shall remain the legal document of the foundation and must be referred to in all foundation’s matters.

40. WHEREAS, provision is not made to adequately address a particular matter, the board of trustee shall convey a meeting to make legislation in that respect through a simple majority of members at a general meeting.

41. WHEREAS, a particular section of this constitution becomes irrelevant or requires modification, the board of Trustees meeting shall convey to make amendment through simple majority of members at a general meeting.

42. WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees shall have the sole power to make laws, inputs could be accepted from members and external bodies.

43. The Board of Trustees shall employ other profession bodies such as Auditors, Legal Adviser etc to petform special functions.

Miscellaneous Provisions

44. Nursery and primary education

45. SSCE/NECO Registration

46. Sponsoring competitions e.g Quiz, Debates, etc.


47. Anti Malaria Campaign

48. Action against HIV/AIDS.

49. Polio Eradication

50. Water Borne Diseases - Prevention

51. Children Protection Against Diseases


52. Provision Fertilizer/Chemical

53. Provision of High Breed Seeds

54. Provision of Agric show

55. Market promotion of Harvest

Water Resources

56. Provision of Portable Water

57. Drilling of borehole

58. Water Purification Agents

59. Disaster Related Issues.

60. Poverty Alleviation

Special Clause

Fund disbursements

61. Fund shall be disbursed only if approved by the board of Trustees.

62. Fund shall be disbursed directly to the beneficiaries through cheques.

63. Fund could be disbursed to institutions where beneficiaries study if necessary.

64. Account in the be opened in the name of NUHU LAFARMA EDUCATION FOUNDATION with the current Chairman and Secretary signatories.

65. Fund shall be disbursed annually (once) on semester basis, (twice) and per term (thrice) to the beneficiaries as the situation dictates.

66. The foundation’s account shall be audited by external auditors and quarterly by the internal auditors. Statement of account shall be made public through annual gazette.

67. There shall exist a foundation through this act assist the less privileged indigenes of Agaie Emirate. This shall enable them achieve their future ambition through formal and informal education.

68. The foundation shall be referred to as NUHU LAFARMA.

69. The foundation shall be identified by the motto EDUCATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS

70. The foundation’s temporary headquarters shall be at ETSU NUHU PALACE, AGAIE whereas; the permanent headquarters shall be at LAPAI ROAD, OPPOSITE WATER BOARD, AGAIE.

71. WHEREAS, the foundation shall have an E-mail address, a website shall be most appropriate. Both e-mail and website of the foundation shall be promulgated in due course.

72. United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc shall be the Foundation’s Bankers. All donations shall be through the bank account