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Spotlight Event Magazine of Nuhu Lafarma (Education) Foundation Agaie, Niger State
07 June, 2022

The Magazine summarizes all anniversaries,ceremonies and lectures held by Nuhu Lafarma (Education)..... Read More

Coming up on Saturday May 14,2022. Nuhu Lafarma (Education) Foundation Will Mark 15th Years Anniversary
April 9,2022

The Chairman Board of Trustees humbly and most respectfully wish to place you on advance notice for..... Read More

Thirteenth Anniversary of Nuhu Lafarma foundation
13th April, 2020

In a bid to celebrate the foundation 13th Anniversary, the foundation known as a organization that..... Read More

Eleventh Anniversary and Medical Outreach
07 April, 2018

The event took place at Emir's place Agaie - Awards - Bursary Awards - Youth & Women..... Read More

Tenth Anniversary and Niger Youth Forum
10-11 April, 2017

Nuhu Lafarma Education Foundation marked her 10 years of her existence at Justice Legbo Kutigi..... Read More

Inauguration of Women and Youth Empowerment Wing
9th August 2014

Nuhu Lafarma Foundation empowering youth in terms of monetary, skill acquisition and educational..... Read More

First Speech & Prize Giving Day
September 2013

The event took place at the Academy Permanent Site - Award of Prizes - Quiz Inter Primary..... Read More

Fifth year Anniversary and Foundation Laying Al'farma International Islamic Accademy Agaie
7th January 2011

The event took place at the Academy Permanent..... Read More

Award Banquet Night
11th September 2010

The event took place at the foundation chairman residence - Merit Awards to:- a. Alh Musa..... Read More

Niger State International Dubar
April 2010

..... Read More

Agaie Emirate - All Primary and Secondary Schools Science Quiz Competition
November 2009

The event consist of - Quiz - Selection for Sponsorship - to Secondary/..... Read More

Third Memorial Lecture
18 April 2009

The third lecture contains - Lecture - Merit Award - Dr MA Katcha - Bursary Awards to 70..... Read More

Second Memorial Lecture
12th April 2008

The event consist of the following - Lecture - Foundation Laying - Bursary Award to 50..... Read More

Inaugural Lecture
year 2007

The event consist of Lecture and Bursary..... Read More

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