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Our Best Services

Educational Sector

We provide the following educational services:

  1. Obtain and disseminate admission information to interested candidates.
  2. Purchase and distribution of admission forms to Agaie Emirate indigenes.
  3. Guidance and Counseling Services.
  4. Assist in seeking admission into Universities and Tertiary institutions as well as in the Armed Forces and Police.
  5. Bursary assistance to students of Post Secondary Institutions.
  6. Any other financial assistance as may be required by the institutions.
  7. SSCE/NECO registration fees assistance.
  8. Extra-moral classes in preparation for SSCE and NECO.
  9. Sponsoring competition eg Quiz, Debates

Health Service Funding

We provide health service funding responsibilities as follow:.

  1. Anti-malaria campaign.
  2. Action against HIV/AIDS.
  3. Polio or community diseases eradication.
  4. Prevention of water-borne diseases.
  5. Protection of children against diseases.
  6. Assistance and control of epidemics/pandemics.
  7. Health education and sponsorship of medical-related courses.

Agricultural Sector

Below are services we rendered in agricultural sector:

  1. Provision of fertilizer and Agro-Chemicals to small scale farmers.
  2. Promotion of Agricultural shows through inceptive.
  3. Market promotion of produce.
  4. Encouragement of Irrigation projects.
  5. Agric Education.

Water Resources

The following services are provided:

  1. Provision of potable water.
  2. Drilling of Boreholes.
  3. Provision of water purification Agents.

Other Ares

The following services are provided:

  1. Disaster-related issues.
  2. Poverty alleviation.
  3. Youth and women empowerment through skills acquisition.

Our Supporters

Our Operating Hour is Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm 24/7.